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Julia Lee Performing Arts Academy Petition
-Approved By Riverside county board of Education"
April 11, 2018

Julia Lee Performing Arts Academy

"Every child has a right to a quality education"

Is charter schools a public education school?

Yes, all charter schools are public schools. Julia Lee Performing Arts Academy, is the first performing charter school here in Lake Elsinore, CA.  The children will have the opportunity to learn: dancing, signing, music instruments, and theater arts.  We are like other charter schools, a self-managed public school that is approved – or chartered – by a local school district. Riverside County Office of Education holds the school’s charter, and oversees its performance.

Do JLPAA charter school charge tuition?

No. We do not charge our community families any tuition, it is totally FREE!

Does JLPAA have to meet state standards?

Yes. Like other public schools, JLPAA charter school students will take standardized assessments to measure their performance of what was learned in school.

Why JLPAA charter school? 


JLPAA charter school, and other charter schools are different than our regular public schools in each community. Some schools have the regular curriculum, and have a particular educational focus. The JLPAA model is all about providing alternatives to the traditional public education system, along with providing free classes in performing arts. 

Advantages: the strategies of the student is focus on at all times, developing exciting new curriculum, or offering students more hands-on learning opportunities.  JLPAA is committed to student ideals, creativity, skills, talent, and just utilizing everything that is from the public school and making it better in the our charter school. 


JLPAA will be accountable for all our our students and staff to make sure the school is giving the mandated academic education to the students, and want the family to feel the school is safe, practice running in a professional manner. 


If we have a family who is not satisfied with their child education needs we provide, can withdraw that student at any time. JLPAA will insure in our power to make sure offer the best teaching, curriculum and facilities possible, and to be customer- and service-driven.

JLPAA was created by and controlled by our community parents, teachers, community leaders who have interest to make sure that the school is running correctly according to the districts guidelines.

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